Tuesday, September 2, 2014

50 essential DC history books for adults. What about for kids?

50 Essential Washington DC History Books is exactly as the title suggests. H-DC (a website and community all about the history of DC) is looking for additions to this list. The 2011 list, shown in the H-DC post, was compiled by DC Public Library Washingtoniana Division and the DC Center for the Book.

Some titles currently on the list are:

  • Jonetta Rose Barras, The last of the Black emperors: the hollow comeback of Marion Barry in the new age of Black leaders
  • Elizabeth Clark-Lewis (ed), First freed: Washington, D.C. in the emancipation era
  • Louise Daniel Hutchinson, The Anacostia story, 1608-1930
  • Harry Jaffe and Tom Sherwood, Dream city: race, power, and the decline of Washington, D.C.
  • Keith E. Melder, City of magnificent intentions: a history of Washington, District of Columbia

Are there titles you would suggest for children and youth? Are some of the titles on the H-DC list appropriate for the younger set? Email One City Youth and we'll publish the list.

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