Friday, August 1, 2014

DC SCORES: A memorable last week of camp!

This past Tuesday, July 29, DC SCORES greeted special visitors--professional soccer player Javier Zanetti from Inter Milan and coaches from Manchester United!

Zanetti was fabulous with the kids, guiding them through a series of fun drills and then answering questions about playing professionally. The students were thrilled about being up close and personal with a professional soccer player and getting to talk to him about his experiences.

“I would ask him how long he would practice, because if I wanted to be a soccer player I need to know how I need to train,” camper Eryck E. said. Each camper also got their own autograph--be it their cleats, soccer balls, or even cellphones.

Later that afternoon, DC SCORES participants enjoyed a clinic led by the Manchester coaches. Coaches led drills that professional players go through on a regular basis.

“It was exciting because they were teaching us stuff that they also teach professional players,” Jose Q reflected. "It almost felt like we were able to step inside the shoes of a professional soccer player."

Additionally, the coaches encouraged everyone to stay focused and driven--this advice from established professionals made the experience even more meaningful!

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